Monday, December 9

Announcement to Sensitive People

If you want to start a Social Responsibility Project for giving help to people, we will be ready to support you and your organization. We will create a website free, only you will buy a domain and small hosting plan. Thank our agency will upload website for you. You will get full control of the website. Also we will create a Social Media Image and Introducing Plan. We will create some graphics and a Professional Blogger Blog to introduce for organization.. You may be a student, organization manager, sensitive person, mother, etc.. Today we will help to you, tomorrow may be you will help me. Who know this?

You can check a company for hosting and domain in the net. Write in Google "domain and hosting company" and than choose one. Create an account for a domain and hosting plan. Plan must be on PHP and unlimited. Domain price can be about 10 USD and hosting can be about 20-30 USD for a year. cPanel's admin passwords are sent by hosting company. You must give it to us. Do not worry.. When you want to change password with using your email or GSM number, you will do that in 1 minute. 

We can create website and graphics in 72 major languages and with your support.  

We are supporting major help associations and foundations. Also student's local projects. 

Thanks for your effort and humanity.

Mr. Bulent Turgut (Master Burgut)
CEO and Project Manager

Biologist (Biochems and Genetics Professional), Webmaster, Social Media Master, Graphic Designer, International Trade and Logistics Professional, Writer, Blogger, Olive Farmer
Proweblabs Agency International
+90 555 5736258


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Proweblabs Agency International is established by Master Burgut (Mr. Bulent Turgut)in 2001. Proweblabs has interested in website designing, graphic designing, Social Media image and management, Social Media Marketing, viral marketing, emailing, business solutions, e-commerce and B2B services, all in one internet introducing and image solutions, printing, publishing, press, promotion, etc. Todays we use 72 major languages for more than 50 countries.

Our creative partners are 128 persons worldwide. Also Proweblabs has 115 persons in 2013.

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